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The Parcel Post Compendium is a UPU publication available in French and English. It allows you to view the operational information on the inbound parcel services of your postal parcel partners.

Authorised users can use the online editing tool to update their entries in the Compendium. 

To view documents for a specific operator or country:

1. In the table below, move your mouse over the 'Country' or 'Operator' column heading.

2. Click the 'Open Menu' arrow to the right of the column and select the Country/Operator from the  drop-down list that appears.

3. Click the PDF icon in the 'Type' column next to the document that you want to view.

 Published Documents

Parcel_Compendium_DE_DEA_EN.pdfDE - GermanyDEA - Deutsche Post AGEnglish20/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_DE_DEA_FR.pdfDE - GermanyDEA - Deutsche Post AGFrench20/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_UA_UAA_FR.pdfUA - UkraineUAA - PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY "UKRPOSHTA"French19/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_UA_UAA_EN.pdfUA - UkraineUAA - PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY "UKRPOSHTA"English19/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_CR_CRA_FR.pdfCR - Costa RicaCRA - CORREOS DE COSTA RICA S.AFrench18/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_CR_CRA_EN.pdfCR - Costa RicaCRA - CORREOS DE COSTA RICA S.AEnglish18/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_EE_EEA_FR.pdfEE - EstoniaEEA - Estonian PostFrench13/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_EE_EEA_EN.pdfEE - EstoniaEEA - Estonian PostEnglish13/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BE_BEA_FR.pdfBE - BelgiumBEA - bpostFrench13/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BE_BEA_EN.pdfBE - BelgiumBEA - bpostEnglish13/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_MG_MGA_EN.pdfMG - MadagascarMGA - PAOSITRA MALAGASY, MadagascarEnglish11/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_MG_MGA_FR.pdfMG - MadagascarMGA - PAOSITRA MALAGASY, MadagascarFrench11/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BS_BSA_FR.pdfBS - BahamasBSA - Bahamas Postal ServicesFrench06/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BS_BSA_EN.pdfBS - BahamasBSA - Bahamas Postal ServicesEnglish06/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BW_BWA_EN.pdfBW - BotswanaBWA - BotswanaPostEnglish05/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_BW_BWA_FR.pdfBW - BotswanaBWA - BotswanaPostFrench05/06/2019
Parcel_Compendium_NL_NLA_FR.pdfNL - NetherlandsNLA - Royal PostNL BVFrench31/05/2019
Parcel_Compendium_NL_NLA_EN.pdfNL - NetherlandsNLA - Royal PostNL BVEnglish31/05/2019
Parcel_Compendium_AT_ATA_FR.pdfAT - AustriaATA - Österreichische Post AGFrench29/05/2019
Parcel_Compendium_AT_ATA_EN.pdfAT - AustriaATA - Österreichische Post AGEnglish29/05/2019
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